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Don State Technical University is multicultural and open to international cooperation university, actively integrating into the global educational environment. The rapidly growing multilingual International Faculty confirms it as well.

Pre-university education of foreigners began in DSTU since the founding of faculty for foreign citizens in 1975. Today students from more than 90 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America study at the International Faculty. The admission of foreign citizens to study at DTSU is made by educational programs. They are included in the DSTU license for the right of educational activities to obtain the academic degrees of "Bachelor" and "Master", qualification of "Specialist", post-graduate education.

Contact information:

Don State Technical University
Gagarin Square, 1

International Faculty Dean’s Office
Tel/fax: + 7(863)232-15-34

The International Faculty prepares foreigners by pre-university program in the following sections:

- Technical,
- Humanitarian,
- Economic,
- Natural sciences.

Educational programs and curricula in all academic subjects meet the State educational standards of pre-university education and future specialization and the standards of the Russian school and the first courses of universities.
Upon the completion of the program the state certificate is issued. It gives the right to continue education at any university of Russia without entrance examinations.

The list of documents required for admission to the Pre-university program:
Academic documents, equivalent to the academic documents of the Russian Federation, with the academic degree, the full list of learned subjects and full list of marks, with a notarized translation into Russian:
- For bachelor studies (BSc/BA): school leaving certificate
- For Masters studies (MSc/MA): Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree-certificate
- For Post-graduate studies (PhD’s degree): Master’s or Bachelor’s certificate
(Academic documents should be legalized. You can get the information about the procedure of legalization in the Russian embassy in the country where the academic documents were issued).

You'll also have the opportunity to continue your education in Don State Technical University in the following areas:

The Faculty «Automation, Robotics and Management» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Power and Electrical Engineering
-Management of Engineering Systems
-Automation of Technological Processes and Production
-Mechatronics and Robotics
-Computer Science and Engineering

The Faculty «Instrumentation and technical regulation» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Biotech Systems and Technologies
-Quality Management
-Standardization and Metrology

The Faculty « Computer Science and Engineering» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Software and Management of Information Systems
-Information Systems and Technology
-Applied Informatics
-Software Engineering
-Applied Mathematics

The Faculty «Health Safety and Engineering Ecology» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Water Bioresources and Aquaculture
-Technospheric Security

The Faculty « Aeronautic Engineering. Transport, service and Maintenance» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Power Mechanical Engineering
-Maintenance of Transport and Technological Machines and Systems
-Technology of Transport Processes

The Faculty « Mechanical Engineering Technology» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Design and Manufacturing Software of Engineering Industries

The Faculty « Mechanical Engineering Technology and Equipment» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Professional Training (by branches)
-Machine Building
-Art Technology of Materials Processing

Faculty « Machinery and Equipment of agro-industrial complex» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Technological Machinery and Equipment
-Applied Mechanics
-Land Transportation-Technological facilities (specialty)
-Food Herbal

Faculty « Nanotechnology and Construction Materials» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Material Science and Technology of Materials
- Metallurgy
-Electronics and Nanoelectronics

The Faculty « Social and Human Sciences» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Advertising and Public Relations

International Faculty prepares the specialists in the following areas:

-Documentation and Archival

The Faculty « Business and Management Innovation» prepares the specialists in the following areas:
-Trading business

We  are  committed  to  the  success  of each  of  our  student  so  that ultimately they  will  occupy  senior  positions  of management  alongside  other  DSTU graduates in dozen of countries around the world.
Considering your  future  career, you should  know  that  goal  of  DSTU  is  to play  a  leading  role  in  exporting  the highest  standards  of  education  and professionalism  not  just  domestically but on a worldwide basis. Research our programmes,  check  our  references,  see our  partners  and  alumni  and  join  us for brilliant future!”
Rector of DSTU, professor
Besarion Chokhoevich MESKHI 


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