Don State Technical University
Don State Technical University (DSTU) is the biggest dynamically developing centre of science, education and culture.

During its activity The University has trained more than 60000 engineers, technologists, programmers, economists and other specialists. Hundreds of Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctors of Science (D.Sc.) successfully defended their thesis.

About three thousand specialists have been trained in DSTU for 58 foreign countries.

Having the state certificates of degree DSTU graduates work in Russian and foreign scientific and design organizations, firms, banks, in governmental, educational and private enterprises.

Nowadays more than 7000 students, including 300 foreigners, and 150 post-graduates get education at 12 faculties and there are 4 representative-universities in Volgodonsk, Taganrog , Azov and Essentuki.

Highly qualified scientists carry out their professional activity in many areas of up-today science and techniques. 20 members of Russian and International Science Academies and 6 Honoured Workes in Science of The Russian Federation are among them. More than 75 per cent of the staff has the scientific degrees in different knowledge.

Our University has 6 buildings for studies, scientific and practical work. There are libraries, computer halls, workshops, health center, sport halls and summer campus for students and professors at the sea-shore of the Black Sea, comfortable students hostels, and university cultural center. DSTU gives you a chance to be well-educated, mobile and creative.

We  are  committed  to  the  success  of each  of  our  student  so  that ultimately they  will  occupy  senior  positions  of management  alongside  other  DSTU graduates in dozen of countries around the world.
Considering your  future  career, you should  know  that  goal  of  DSTU  is  to play  a  leading  role  in  exporting  the highest  standards  of  education  and professionalism  not  just  domestically but on a worldwide basis. Research our programmes,  check  our  references,  see our  partners  and  alumni  and  join  us for brilliant future!”
Rector of DSTU, professor
Besarion Chokhoevich MESKHI 


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